About Us

Shimada & Associates International Tax Consulting Office manages this website “Japan Tax & Payroll Concierge”.

We recognize that our clients are our most important asset.

Our business philosophy places our client relationships at the center of everything we do. We strive to establish good and long lasting relationships where we can work closely with clients by becoming a true partner in their businesses in Japan.

We work to ensure that our services and products don’t just meet our contractual obligations but satisfy our customer’s underlying objectives for each transaction they perform with us in Japan.

Our Mission

To be “Truly Professionals” in Japan for Non-Japanese Speakers

We define being truly professional  as not only to provide prompt and exceptional quality but also to work in good faith with respect to our customers. 

Through offering enterprises and affiliates such truly professional service in a form that is reasonable as well as transparent, we commit ourselves to guiding their business to success in Japan. We strongly believe that this in turn will contribute to the development of Japanese economy.

Bilingual Professionals

Our team of dedicated and bilingual staff explains complicated tax and accounting matters in plain languages, both in English and Japanese. This means that we can discuss and negotiate with tax authorities in Japanese,  while we can explain or report it in English to our clients (non-Japanese speakers )as well. We believe that it can relieve our client’s anxiety about back office matters in Japan which is difficult to understand.

Affordable and Transparent Fee

We offer fair, transparent pricing policies that do not include any hidden costs. As previously stated, the quality of our service levels exceeds that of the most expensive firms in Japan and yet our fees are modest. We will find the delicate balance between “Quality” and “Price”. 

Speed, Quality and Honesty

We have knowledgeable staff members who are experienced in Big 4 accounting firms such as Ernst & Young and KPMG. We have Japanese certified professionals to make sure our services are of the highest quality and speed. In addition to quality and speed, we recognize Honesty as one of the condition in being truly professional which is our mission. We are always trying to be  truly professionals who are honest and prompt without sacrificing the high quality of our services.

One Stop Solution

We provide a one-stop solution for doing business in Japan, so that you are able to concentrate on your own business efforts. Our main services are Japanese tax compliance services, bookkeeping, reporting packages, payment / cash management services and payroll calculation services. We also have a partnership with other Japanese professionals in order to provide our one-stop solution for setting up your business,  including incorporation and Visa applications.   

Shimada & Associates Group Managing Partner

Kota Shimada

Certified public tax accountant (Japan) / VISA application agency administrative scrivener(Japan)

Accredited Tax Practitioner Provisional (Singapore)

Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture Graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Commerce.

After graduation from the university and mastering the basics of tax practice at the Suzuki certified tax accountant office in Yokohama city, primarily engaged in preparation of tax return declarations and international tax consulting business of foreign affiliates at Ernst & Young Tax Co. Japan (Current EY tax accountant corporation).

Afterwards, he was in charge of preparation of financial statements and tax return declarations at BNP Paribas Securities Services (Tokyo). 2013- Moving to Singapore. Engaged in incorporation of over 50 Singapore enterprises and international tax consulting in the local accounting office.

2016-Established Shimada & Associates.

Currently, he operates tax accounting office and immigration lawyer’s office in Japan along with accounting firm in Singapore.

In addition to supporting overseas expansion from Japan and overseas migration, he provides one-stop business support for foreign corporations and foreigner in Japan.

Which Type of Business?


We are bilingual professionals who can provide “one stop solution” for back office matters in Japan, such as payroll, payment, accounting and taxation. We help you build your business in Japan.